3D Printed cleaning brush:


Project Info:

My start with QuickBrush was pure happenstance. While using a 3D printer at Home Depot to fabricate components for an RC airplane, I was approached by Nathanial, a local business owner. The entrepreneur needed someone to help design an industrial strength cleaning brush for custom automotive wheels. Nathanial thought my understanding of rendering and 3D printing could help make his vision a reality. With a summer ahead and a failed venture already behind me (see Aerial Foundry) I accepted the challenge.

I drew on my design, fabricating and 3D printing skills to develop a series of prototypes. I then identified a Chinese manufacturer through Alibaba capable of building the forms and delivering the final product.


  • Completed by: Andrew Hennessy
  •  Completed on: Summer/Fall 2016
  • Client: Cars of Atlanta

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