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While rowing competitively my Junior year, I realized that the technology that coxswains use has not changed in decades. Existing devices only provide stroke rate, speed and estimated time to completion for the coxswain. My vision was to include GPS capabilities as well as wireless technology that would provide 1-way communication to coaches on shore. (Coxswains are not allowed to receive information). The new device would give coaches, officals, and spectators real-time speed and location information, and other data not currently available.

I designed and fabricated a prototype and sourced all of the components and wiring necessary to provide the functionality. My CoxBox was similar in size to current boxes, but my version included all of the new technology.

I started with a current CoxBox and reversed engineered it using Autodesk 360, a 3D printer, and my trusty calipers. I identified and sourced the components and then used my understanding of electronics and wiring to assemble the product.

  • Completed by: Andrew Hennessy
  • Completed on: December 2015-Current
  • Client: Self Project

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