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Project Info:

Cognosos is a Sensing as a Service (SAAS) start-up at Georgia Tech that has developed an advanced, low power, low cost, wide area network for the Internet of Things. One application allows the system to track high-value assets in an area of up to two square miles. The founder, Jim Stratigos, has a long history in successful technology companies in Atlanta. Because of my familiarity with radio telemetry, I was asked to sit in on a presentation that Jim made to a local business. Following the presentation, I asked a number of specific questions. Soon after the meeting, Jim offered me an internship which led to my full-time position during Jan-Term last January.

During my internship, I helped develop and fabricate a prototype for the first large scale demo with a national client.

I learned the time I had invested working with PCB boards and programming open source micro controllers paid off as I was able to contribute immediately.

I was gratified when the founder said I had many of the skills that he looks for in his graduate students from Georgia Tech and that he would love to have me back at any time.

  • Completed by: Andrew Hennessy
  • Completed on: January 2016
  • Client: Cognosos

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