Veronica Scanner:

Factum Arte

Project Info:

Factum Arte is a Madrid-based company that is well known in the art and conservation worlds. Factum uses technology to preserve iconic works of art and to produce new works for leading artists. (See Press link to New Yorker Magazine article November 28th, 2016).

I worked on the Veronica Scanner, a 360 degree, 3D head scanner that was installed at the Royal Academy of Arts in London in September 2016. My two novel contributions were writing code that automated the organization of the 96 photographs used to create a single, digital 3D image and designing and fabricating the precision timing mechanism used to trigger each set of photos.

To my surprise, on day one I was able to contribute. My previous experience rendering custom components using Autodesk 360 and fabricating them using 3D printers allowed me to help out immediately

I experienced the importance of working collaboratively since there were multiple teams working simultaneously to complete the scanner and all of the related software in time for the exhibition. English was the second language for many of the team members. I managed to use my five years of Spanish to help bridge the language divide.

Note: The three images of my bust were created by a $700 Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer from a Veronica digital file. The printers used at The Royal Academy exhibit created museum quality likenesses.

  • Completed by: Andrew Hennessy
  • Completed: July 2016
  • Client: Factum Arte

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